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Cuban Property sales?

I have, for the past 16 years help promote all sorts of websites around the world, from properties in Dubai, to dentists in Dalton.

I love the challenge of taking a website that is ranking at page 20 on the search engines and seeing it rise to the top of the first page on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Properties for sale in Cuba is one such challenge and I will be looking forward to helping promote Cuba properties over the coming years.

I'm called Doylie45, I promote websites, any type of website and I'm good at it.

Thats what I'm about.

Meet the Team

The "Team" is actually myself and the cat that sleeps on my desk.

I build the websites, update them, ad Blogs and articles, and do the optimization. I enjoy what I do and don't consider it to be "work".

I got involved with all things Cuban when working for Havana Houses Real estate Agents in Havana, Cuba.

I find Cuba a fascinating place and characters such as Ernest Hemingway, Che Guevara and Fidel Castro just added to the myth and mystery that is Cuba.

I decided to buy the propertiesforsalecuba.com title some 10 years ago, Castro was ill at the time and I thought he was not long for this earth. Well, he did get better and carried on as before. People scoffed at the suggestion of buying and selling Cuba property.

They are not laughing now, are they_

Properties for sale Cuba

Robbie Doyle aka Doylie45


I was born in the city of Liverpool in the late fifties, a bitter Evertonian by choice. I spent some years in the Irish Guards before becoming a QA/QC laboratory technician.

I now live in Andalucia, Spain and have done for 16 years. I took up SEO/SEM 15 years ago and have loved doing it ever since.

Next Steps...

If you have any sort of website, not just Cuba property, and you need help in advertising on the Internet, call me or get in touch via email and I will be happy to offer my services.