Che Guevara Sculpture Complex

100, 000 Visitors see the Che Guevara Sculpture Complex

Che Guevara, along with Fidel Castro are synonymous with Cuba and the Cuban revolution that lead to modern day Cuba.

History tells the story that Che left Cuba to spread his revolutionary ideas far and wide, from Africa to south America, where in Bolivia, in a small place called La Higuera, he met his end.

Guevara and 27 of his colleagues are interned in the Che Guevara Mausoleum at Santa Clara, Cuba.

This has become a great tourist attraction due to the fame, or infamy, of Ernesto “Che” Guevara and this year over 100,000 (112,280) people paid a visit to this shrine to 20th Century revolution in just the first quarter.

This is a rise of more than 2,100 more than at the same stage in 2016.

1967 -2017 Che Guevara

Che and 27 nof his comrades were killed in 1967 in Bolivia in a failed attempt to spread revolution.

Guevara and his companions were buried near to where they were executed and it took until 1997 for the bodies to be repatriated and interred  in what is now a mausoleum.

marking the 50th anniversary will also boos the number of visitors to the shrine.Ñjnlh

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