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Properties for sale Cuba – The Blog Mark II

I love Blogging, I’ve done it for years and hopefully, I will continue to Blog. This is my second Blog on the Properties For Sale Cuba domain name.

The first one went to the wall when I changed ISP from to

Properties for sale in Cuba is something that was unheard of until late 2011 after which, the ruling junta changed laws to allow a limited amount of freedom in the area of buying, selling and renting Cuba properties.

Since then, lots of things have changed and there has even been a warming of relations between the USA and Cuba, well, until Donald Trump got into power, now things are uncertain.

Castro is Dead

Fidel Castro has passed away, not long after his elder brother Mungo. After the Cuban revolution and the Cuban missile crises, this has been the biggest event in Cuban history.

Now, things are different, now you can fly to the USA from Cuba and visa-versa, you can log onto the Internet, albeit in a limited capacity, you can also travel freely.

New restaurants are opening, real estate is moving like never before and private enterprise is the new kid in town.

The aim of this Blog is to highlight the changes, where possible, encourage people to get up and do their thing, I’m quite happy to help people with their business marketing (for a price of course, after all, we are not communist!)

I hope you will visit my blog on properties for sale in Cuba and  even send me some of your materiel.

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