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The Havana Times
The Havana Times reports on world issues as well. Such as the Venezuela problems.
I have found a wonderful site on the internet called “The Havana Times”. This is a great website for in depth news and articles from Havana, Cuba.
“The Times” gives you everything in one very useful website, articles, opinions, photographs, what’s on and most importantly, a travel expert page.
The travel expert page on the site is just that; People ask questions in a web forum regarding travel to Cuba and the Havana Times gives you straight and honest answers to whatever is concerning you.
maybe your not sure about the currency, perhaps you have issues with the Internet or you have heard this rumour or that rumour? The Havana Times will address all these questions.
There is also a list of links to questions previously asked by other travelers.
Please take a look at this wonderful Havana Times website, there is so much to see and you will find yourself, like me, coming back for more on a daily basis. Havana Times link.

Havana News

There are other great news outlets for anyone who is interested in Havana and Cuba. Lets face it, nowadays, with Sñr Donald Trump in charge, we all need to keep an eye on the news. You never know what this “Loco Hombre” will do!
Simply Google “Cuba News outlets” and you’ll find a wide range of links on Cuba news, from online magazines, Blogs, sites, videos and more.
Cuba is changing fast, maybe not fast enough for some people and too fast for others. Nonetheless, it is changing, it would be an idea to keep an eye on those changes.
Hopefully, with this Blog, we can help highlight news items for you. Keep checking back.

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