Search Engine Optimisation

Many people have websites that do not rank high on the Internet search engines and thus their businesses suffer.

Building a website and leaving it on the Internet to get found is not the way things work.

There are ways and means whereby your website can flourish in the top ten, at least, and in some cases at the very top, even against bigger companies.

We can optimise your website and publicise the website and for a small monthly payment and with little or no help from yourself.

For more details on website optimisation and publicity, please contact us.

Internet Advertising

OK, so you now have a fully optimised website and it has started to rank well on the Internet search engines; what now?

Now you need to get as much traffick to the site from other sources, this helps to generate more business and thus your company will flourish.

We at Properties For Sale Cuba can generate a lot of marketing and advertising for your Cuba property website, from Blogs, articles, videos, adverts, adverts with videos embedded, adverts with photographs and all of this linking back to the main website.

This property advertising service is all done without help from you and at a very low, affordable cost.

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Reputation Repair

The Internet can be a very bad place and some people are using it to damage the reputations of decent honest businessmen and woman.

Due to the availability of cloaking software and VPN's (Virtual Private Networks's) malicious people can post whatever they like about anyone they don't like.

Properties For Sale Cuba are able to repair any damage done to a companies reputation online and again, this does not cost the earth.

Have you had bad reviews that were untrue? has somebody posted a review with nefarious motives? We can help bury this rubbish for you.

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Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing.

How do we achieve the goals set out for your website?.

We have tried and trusted methods that we follow to the letter.

No "black hat" or automated methods, no trying to Spam or cheat the search engines, just good, honest, procedures approved by Google and other search engines.

Quite often, it would take a few small changes to take a Cuba property websites from page 10 to page 1 and a little more tweaking can get your Cuban properties to the very top of the search engines.

My website is small, how can I compete with the large Cuban property websites?

Size does not really matter, however, the more content you have, the more content there is to be found by the search engines.

This is why Properties For Sale Cuba will take on the writing of your Blogs for you. We will produce content that is keyword rich, food for the Internet search engine spiders.

Rich content will rank your site better than any endless streams of waffling text.

This Blog writing service is all included when you take us on to optimise and advertise your Cuba Property website.

I have a lot of Cuba properties?

No problem; we will advertise your properties individually and as part of the main website.

Adverts with embedded videos, adverts with photographs, Blogs, articles and social media are just some of the ways we will get each and everyone of your properties seen on the Internet search engines.

If you would like to know more, please contact us.


We will save you time and money.

Properties for sale Cuba will do something for you that you will definately thank us for; we will get you extra hands and more time.

Saving time?

By taking on the mundane tasks associated with marketing and advertising on the Internet, we will free you to take care of other tasks, such as dealing with clients, listing properties, updating portfolios and a host of other jobs that need doind but there is never enough time.

How we save you money?

Properties For Sale Cuba will save you having to pay somebody a lot of money to advertise all of your Cuban properties.

No need to hire extra staff and the responsibilities and cost that are associated with more staff.

We do not hold you to any contract, you keep our services as long as you consider you need us.

If you would like to know more about our services, please contact us.


Do you need our services?

Don't wait for the other realtors to take the top spots on Google and other search engines for Properties for sale in Cuba, contact us NOW!.