Sloppy Joe’s Bar Old Havana

Sloppy Joe’s Bar Old Havana Cuba

Old Havana - Sloppy Joe's Bar
I am a great fan of the writer and all round rogue, Ernest “Papa” Hemingway and I have read his books, seen the films and gathered plenty of stories about this larger than life character.
Hemingway was a great fan of Cuba. He first visited the island in 1928 on a stop over.
Hemingway was later to buy a property called Finca Vigia. “Papa” as he was called was to spend many happy times fishing and writing.  Hemingway also passed the time knocking back the odd “Papa Doble” in Sloppy Joe’s, his favourite haunt in Havana.
Sloppy Joe's Old Havana Cuba
Papa Doblè a la Doylie45. Daquiri with Blackcurrent not Grapefruit.
There is a fantastic website dedicated to the life and times of Ernest Hemingway that is packed with information

Sloppy Joe’s Bar in Old Havana

Sloppy Joe’s bar was owned from the 1930’s by Josè Garcia, a Spaniard who arrived in Cuba in 1904 and was perched on the corner of Zulueta and Animas streets in the Old Havana district of the Cuban capital, Havana.
Sloppy Joe’s was a dump, there would be no other way to describe the place, so much so, the sandwich there was called “ropa vieja” or “Old Clothes”
The friends of Garcia could not understand why a Spaniard, of all people, would run a bar that was a complete, disorganized mess, Spaniards are famed for running tidy bars, not dumps. The name “Sloppy Joe’s was born and went on to become world famous.
Each year, in Sloppy Joe’s, the have a competition to see who looks most like their most famous client, Ernest “papa” Hemingway. If you are headed to Old Havana and fancy your chances, then get yourself a white beard and go for it.
There is an excellent website all about this famous Old Havana bar and the famous people who frequented it. Check out this link.
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