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I have a Wix website for Old Havana Cuba and I was looking through some of my Blogs on there. I thought I might transfer them to this Blog. Thus Jezza Clarkson features. He’s since been sacked for punching the producer.

Top Gear Cuba
Jezza Clarkson as we all remember him: Gob wide open. Its all changed since then though.

I found an excellent article by the makers of the TV series Top Gear, y’know, that one all about big, fast, cars.

The article is all about racing cars in Cuba and the lengths that people will go to for the thrill of speed.

Underground drag racing in Cuba

Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt, the filmmaker behind Havana Motor Club, is either a master of timing or the luckiest man in the world.

His documentary, which delves into the world of underground drag racing in Cuba is available to download on iTunes from today, just days after Barack Obama’s historic visit to Havana: a clear sign of a rapidly-thawing standoff between the two countries that dates back to the ’59 revolution, and confirmation that Cuba is in a state of flux.

Yes, there are fast cars and larger than life characters, but really this is a film about a country at a crossroads – and racing is the perfect vehicle to tell that story.

The Cuban Revolution has always had a tricky relationship with racing, ever since Juan Manuel Fangio was kidnapped by Fidel Castro’s rebels at the 1958 Cuban Grand Prix – a move designed to highlight their cause.

During the same race a huge crash killed seven spectators, an unfortunate coincidence that meant after the 1959 revolution racing was branded as dangerous and elitist – and banned altogether in 1962.

The film, shot in 2012 and 2013, follows a group of underground drag racers in the build up to the first officially sanctioned race for 50 years.

It’s gripping not only for the motley crew of tuned-up American classics, but because each of the characters Perlmutt focuses on – all children of the revolution – have wildly different approaches to their sport, and colourful stories to tell. See more

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