Trump sticks the boot into Cuba

US President Donald Trump has put back the progress made by former President Obama by announcing new Cuba restrictions.

Cuba sanctions are imposed by Donald Trump
“We elected a man who knows how to build walls when we needed someone who knows how to build bridges.” ― DaShanne Stokes

Cuba: Donald Trump, the president of the United States of America (as if you don’t know) has set the clock back as far as progress is concerned.

Trump has announced new restrictions on Cuba and said the US was getting a bad deal from advances made by former (and, it has to be said, a much saner president) president Obama.

“I am canceling the last administration’s completely one-sided deal with Cuba,” Trump said.

This is the latest of many attempts to brush away the Obama legacy.

What’s Trump got against Cuba?

Trump is a narcissist, plain and simple, he is an egotist and he is many of the worst personality traits and disorders all rolled into one ridiculous character.

But Donald Trump is the president of the United States of America, the big trading god, an all powerful neighbour.

Donald Trump wants whatever he can get out of Cuba and at the lowest price. He runs the United States as if it were a market stall.

Cuba is also a very handy whipping boy when Trump needs to deflect opinion from his lousy ideas, madcap appointments, broken promises and very “iffy” dealings with Russia.

Putting restrictions on Cuba will make him popular (in some places) but to other people, the more liberal minded, he is an idiot who is wrecking good work done by a better president.

Trump said he is imposing these new restrictions to expose the terrible human rights record of the Castro government.

About Obama and Cuba

“They made a deal with a government that spread violence and instability in the region and nothing they got, think about it, nothing they got, they fought for everything and we just didn’t fight hard enough, but now, those days are over,” Trump said. “We now hold the cards. The previous administration’s easing of restrictions of travel and trade does not help the Cuban people. They only enrich the Cuban regime.”

The great buffoon went on to list what he said was proof of anti American policies of the Cuba regime, ranting on about the Cuban Missile crisis, among other things.

Its not a complete shift from Obama’s position, there will still be embassies in Havana and Washington, travel will still be allowed and of course, Rum and Cuban cigars will still be allowed into the States.

Mr Trump said he is keeping the embassy open “in the hope that our countries can forge a much stronger and better path.”

Some chance with that big idiot pointing the way!

It is a shame that this has come to pass, how does Trump expect Cuba to progress if he is putting more restrictions on and not less?

The best we can hope for, at the moment, is that Trump is ousted from office after being impeached for dodgy dealing with mother Russia.

Oh! for that nice Mr Comey to pull the rabbit out of the proverbial hat and have rock solid evidence to end everyone’s misery and get Trump out.

I don’t normally write political posts but this is such a piss-off, I thought sod it, why not?

If you have a moment or two to spare, you might like to go to the CNN News site and read the report in detail.

The Castro administration have said the actions by Trump  were “Ill advised”

“The united States are in no position to lecture anyone on human rights!”

Citing such things as the US dreary record on gun related crimes, Police brutality and the fact that almost 23 million Americans will lose their health cover due to the actions of Trump canceling Obamacare.

Trump was getting it in the neck from both sides of Congress, the Republicans said he hadn’t gone far enough with his fresh restrictions on Cuba whilst the Democrats thought it was a bad move, not just for Cuba but for the US also.

One US senator,  Mark Warner, a Virginia Democrat, said on Friday that the “decision by the Trump Administration to reverse progress in US-Cuba relations sends the wrong message to the world about American leadership.”
“We must never stop pressing the Cuban government on democracy and human rights, but further restricting economic and cultural engagement between our two nations betrays the spirit of cooperation that will ultimately help empower the Cuban people to choose their own destiny,” Mark Warner said.
Its comforting to see that there are still some sane voices in Washington.

What are the Cuba sanctions?

Have you ever wondered what sanctions are imposed on Cuba by the United States? There’s a question for any pub quiz.

Before Obama there was an almost complete ban on Cuba and anyone trading with Cuba, it was a stranglehold that has held back progress on Cuba for decades.

If you have a little time to spare and you don’t really mind high brow websites, you may want to visit the US Treasury website and see for yourself what restrictions are in place by the US.

The site is great, strangely enough? there are lots of FAQ’s and fact sheets that answer any question you might possibly have on Cuba sanctions. You can even download them.

Have a nice day.

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